Eight Safelite Group Employees Win International Exceptional Customer Service Award


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Safelite® Group, the parent company of www.safelite.com/ and www.safelitesolutions.com/, aims to be a blogsafelite.com/ company that empowers its employees to deliver service so great…it’s memorable. Safelite’s latest winners of an internal recognition program – the www.belronheroes.com/ from parent company www.belron.com/ – bring the company’s vision and values to life. 

Out of 22 award winners worldwide in three categories, Safelite earned 8. The stories of the winners range from technicians who have long-term high levels of customer service to teams that found ways to do what was best for their customers despite extreme challenges. The winners are: 

·       ­youtu.be/wmdrmgc79k4?list=PLvebOLjLdtQk96SJMSbCgob_ZnK1Vb-iA, Technician, Portland, Ore.

After calling a customer prior to an appointment and learning that he was deaf, Hillaire contacted a friend who knew American Sign Language and asked her to record a message for the customer. He knew that communicating during a job is crucial. Customers must understand how long the repair or replacement will take, when it’s safe to drive the car, and what they can expect during the appointment. As a result of his service mindset and can-do attitude, Safelite has developed official company videos to communicate to customers in American Sign Language as well as Spanish for all its technicians to access when needed. A blogsafelite.com/index.php/site/full_blog/voice_of_the_customer_technician_sheds_light_on_important_customer_need shares his story. 

·       youtu.be/Proa9bjzDGM?list=PLvebOLjLdtQk96SJMSbCgob_ZnK1Vb-iA, National Recruiting Manager, and the Global Technician Team, Columbus, Ohio

After a busy winter last season, Safelite welcomed its first-ever Global Technician Team, consisting of almost 100 certified technicians from other Belron business units for a 4-6 week best-practice training program. These technicians were part of an expedited program that allowed citizens of participating countries to travel to and stay in the United States for purposes of sharing technical expertise.  

·       youtu.be/8xd6b52GWtc?list=PLvebOLjLdtQk96SJMSbCgob_ZnK1Vb-iA, District Manager, and the Local Catastrophe Response Team, Harrisburg, Penn.

Shortly before Memorial Day, a hail storm struck Pennsylvania’s Berks County, damaging numerous vehicles – both the glass and body. Safelite AutoGlass District Manager Kirk Reed quickly put into motion the company’s National Catastrophe Response Plan. Reed pulled in 16 technicians both nearby and from as far away as California, to help serve customers over the holiday weekend. Reed used innovative measures such as setting up a four-vehicle portable garage adjacent to Safelite locations and a 16-bay CAT tent in a local mall parking lot to deliver a great experience to our customers in this challenging situation. According to m.wfmz.com/Backlog-of-damage-repair-continues-1-week-after-hailstorm/26235102, rental cars in short supply so customers needed fast service. In fact, area sales manager Kirk Piper told the reporter that one of the local shop averaged 25-30 jobs a day, but after the storm, requests were up to 180-200 a day.

·       youtu.be/WLx-0yrzjUU?list=PLvebOLjLdtQk96SJMSbCgob_ZnK1Vb-iA, Technician, Charlotte, N.C.

Ryabyy took the initiative to start a Safelite AutoGlass Instagram account. After five months, he had more than 700 followers. Safelite’s marketing team saw great engagement with his photos and turned his account into the official Safelite Instagram account. Ryabyy uses the social media site to mesh the technical aspects of a technician’s work with the great design of automobiles and the photographic lens of Instagram.  

·       youtu.be/SnvV2KkvOME?list=PLvebOLjLdtQk96SJMSbCgob_ZnK1Vb-iA, Repair Specialist, Ontario, Calif.

Since joining Safelite in 2011, Sanchez has earned more than 30 letters from delighted customers. Additionally, his 3-year Net Promoter Score average is a phenomenal 99 percent. Ontario District Manager Rick Harvey shared, “Patrick is truly an amazing employee. He understands being Customer Driven better than anyone I’ve met. He has the ability to connect with people, making them feel special, whether you’re a customer or another associate. This is evidenced by the many unsolicited customer letters and calls I’ve received over the years.”

·       youtu.be/E3rX-0IAZNE?list=PLvebOLjLdtQk96SJMSbCgob_ZnK1Vb-iA, Assistant Vice President of the National Contact Center, and the Contact Center Leadership Team, Columbus, Ohio

For more than 20 years, Slade and her team in the Contact Center have delivered exceptional performance, enabling Safelite Solutions to grow into the leading insurance and fleet vehicle glass claims management solution, generating an average of 4.7 million calls each year. During the Polar Vortex, the increase in call volume during the first quarter of 2014 was enormous – calls increased by over 160,000. Despite this increase, the number of abandoned calls dropped – showcasing the team’s ability to consistently deliver outstanding performance for our customers and clients. 

·       youtu.be/9U8aZhMBV9Y?list=PLvebOLjLdtQk96SJMSbCgob_ZnK1Vb-iA, Store Manager, Du Bois, Penn.

Thirteen-year employee Swackhammer lives Safelite’s values by supporting her high-performing team and focusing on customers, mentoring employees, helping her technicians achieve an excellent Net Promoter Score of 99.5 percent over four years, and providing a support network for employees outside of her store. 

·       youtu.be/X16UwOvWu6Q?list=PLvebOLjLdtQk96SJMSbCgob_ZnK1Vb-iA, Technician, Churchville, Md.

Customers and Safelite have relied on this Baltimore-area technician for three decades and his performance throughout the years is remarkable. Thanks to Wall’s coaching, his home store in Churchville has the highest quality and productivity within the Baltimore market. Additionally, he has been on numerous Catastrophe Response teams, has the highest productivity of any technician in Baltimore, and was the first technician to represent Baltimore in Safelite’s Best of Belron technician competition.  

“We aim to delight our customers daily. This award is an opportunity to thank those who go above and beyond in creating a memorable customer experience,” said Tom Feeney, president and CEO of Safelite AutoGlass. “Out of approximately 25,000 Belron employees worldwide, these 8 people deserve this honor proving their passion for customer service.” 

About Safelite AutoGlass®

Safelite AutoGlass® is the nation’s largest provider of vehicle glass repair and replacement services with 5,000 MobileGlassShops™ and company stores in all 50 states. Each year, roughly 4.3 million customers choose Safelite for its 24/7 national contact centers, advanced online scheduling, superior repair and replacement systems, and the industry’s only nationwide lifetime guarantee. Founded in 1947, the Columbus, Ohio-based company employs approximately 11,000 people across the United States. For more information, visit www.safelite.com/, or follow us on www.facebook.com/safelite and twitter.com/safelite.  

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