Safelite AutoGlass® Parent Company Celebrates 2013 "Wall of Fame" Employee Awards


COLUMBUS, Ohio – May 3, 2013 - Safelite® Group recently announced its annual Wall of Fame winners, the most prestigious award for its employees. Introduced in 1990, the manager-nominated award was created to recognize employees who showcase the best of Safelite® and demonstrate truly exceptional performance for the prior year. The latest winners are:

Name                                       Job Title                                              City, State

Matthew Antillon                        Technician                                            Mesa, Ariz.

LeAnn Arrant                            Wholesale Area Sales Manager         Dallas/Ft. Worth, Tex.

Amy Bamford                            Area Sales Manager                              Phoenix, Ariz.

Carrie Browning                        HR Manager                                         Oklahoma City, Okla.

Mitchell Bowen                          Store Manager                                      Flagstaff, Ariz.

John Carpenter                         Area Sales Manager                              Orlando, Fla.

David Casole                             Operations Manager                              Atlanta, Ga.

Cynthia Ciampolillo                  Area Sales Manager                              Fairfield, N.J.

Elizabeth Cobb                          Engineering Manager                            Enfield, N.C.

Curtis Conklin                            IT Manager                                           Columbus, Ohio

Antonio Corrales                       Warehouse / Driver                               Phoenix, Ariz.

Joseph Crawford II                    Store Manager                                      Wasilla, Ala.

Michelle Deascentis                 Senior Manager Analyst                         Columbus, Ohio

Randy DeSantiago                    Technician Trainee                                Fresno, Calif.

Robert Diefenbach                    General Manager                                  St. Louis, Mo.

Brian DiMasi                             Sr. Corporate Counsel                           Columbus, Ohio

Jason Duke                               Warehouse Manager                             Pewaukee, Mich.

Ernie (Doug) Ellingsworth Jr.      Technician                         Salt Lake City, Utah

Cindy Elliott                               Sr. Corporate Counsel                           Columbus, Ohio

David Erdner                             Area Sales Manager                              Cape Coral, Fla.

Branon Dyke                             Technician                                            Minot, N.D.

Shawn Finn                               Technician                                            Yuma, Ariz.

Susan Franco                           Customer Advocate Supervisor              Austin, Tex.

Aaron Franklin                           Technician                                            Capitol Heights, Md.

Christopher Franklin                  Contact Center Operations Manager      Chandler, Ariz.

Donna Gibson                           Compensation & Benefits Director          Columbus, Ohio

David Goudy                             Store Manager                                      Parkersburg, W.Va.

William Hart Jr.                         Market Manager                                    Pittsburgh, Pa.

Suzanne Hostetler                     Customer Advocate                               Eden Prairie, Minn.

Amanda Kerley                         Customer Advocate Supervisor              St. Louis, Mo.

Ryan Lane                                Mobile Pro Specialist                             Eugene, Ore.

Joshua Lanich                           Technician                                            Dubois, Pa.

Brandon LeVitre                        Technician                                            Ogden, Utah

Anthony Melick                          Contact Center Job Coach                     Columbus, Ohio

Melina Metzger                         Public Relations Manager                      Columbus, Ohio

John Norris                               EDI Supervisor                                      Chandler, Ariz.

Jason Olejniczak                       Technician                                            Phoenix, Ariz.

Stephen Parker                         General Manager                                  Las Vegas, Nev.

Delores Pass                            Customer Service Representative          Columbus, Ohio

Misiuoti Popoalii            Lead Warehouse Associate                   Anchorage, Ala.

John Read                                Technician Manager                              Tampa, Fla.

Joseph Rotolo                           General Manager                                  Pittsburgh, Pa.

Shannon Ryan                          Services Supervisor                               Anchorage, Ala.

Richard Saavedra                      Quality System Coordinator                   Ontario, Calif.

Alfredo Salas                            Repair Specialist                                   El Paso, Tex.

Patrick Sanchez                        Repair Specialist                                   Palm Springs, Calif.

Rosina Schultz                          Customer Advocate                               Baltimore , Md.

James Sheppard Jr.                  Distribution Center Shift Manager           Braselton, Ga.

Wayne Shimer                          General Manager                                  Minneapolis, Minn.

Denise Shoopman                     Client Service Manager                          Columbus, Ohio

Donald Smith                            Store Manager                                      Fort Wayne, Ind.

Lisa Torres                               Quality Systems Coordinator                  Chandler, Ariz.

Brett Wanner                            Client Care Rep                                     Columbus, Ohio

Guss Wasson                           Technician                                            Louisville, Ky.

Jaclyn Wilburn                           Repair Specialist                                   Boise, Idaho

Jerome Williams                        Store Manager                                      Capitol Heights, Md.

John Wishon                             Store Manager                                      Mesa, Ariz.

Andrew Wood                           Customer Service Representative          Columbus, Ohio

“At Safelite®, we have very high standards for service – not only to our customers and clients, but also to one another,” said Tom Feeney, Safelite’s president and CEO. “Our Wall of Fame recipients exhibit truly exceptional performance; they go above and beyond to deliver results that make a difference. But most importantly, they demonstrate our guiding principles, which are the behaviors that reflect the combination of knowledge, skills, abilities and motivation needed for Safelite to be a success.”

About Safelite® Group
Safelite® Group is a multi-faceted vehicle glass and claims management service organization based in Columbus, Ohio. The company, which has been in business since 1947, is comprised of four major business operations that include Safelite AutoGlass®, a vehicle glass repair and replacement services provider; Safelite® Solutions and Alliance Claims Solutions®, which offer fleet and insurance claims management services; Service AutoGlass®, a wholesale and distribution operation; and Safelite® Glass Corp., a manufacturing and distribution business unit. The company employs approximately 10,000 people throughout the United States. For more information, visit

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