7 Podcasts for Your Daily Commute


The average American spends around 52 minutes a day* commuting to and from work. Although we all love jamming to our favorite tunes, sometimes our vocal chords get tired and we just want to listen. Podcasts are on the rise and provide a great alternative to music and talk radio - not to mention you may even learn something.

Check out the 7 podcasts to consider for your daily commute:

1. Up First
For the person who’s crunched on time. Catch up on your daily dose of news with this quick 15-minute podcast brought to you by NPR. The show covers politics, pop culture, and everything in between so you can stay in the know with worldwide happenings. You’ll definitely impress your co-workers with your newsworthy knowledge.

2. Happier with Gretchen Rubin
For the eternal optimist. Hosted by New York Times bestselling author, Gretchen Rubin, and her sister Elizabeth, share their thoughts on how to live a happier and more fulfilling life. If you’re looking to start or end the day feeling inspired and motivated, this one’s for you.

3. Brains On!
For those with little ones. Podcasting is no longer just for adults. Brains On! features a kid co-host each week and dives into some of sciences most interesting questions. From the solar eclipse to monster trucks, your kids (and you!) will learn something new each episode.

4. Zero to Travel (Z2T)
For the travel enthusiast. If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, Z2T keeps every type of traveler in mind. Whether you are on a budget, travel often for work or are looking to start a location independent business, Jason’s mission is to teach you how to add more travel into your life. In addition to podcast episodes, Z2T also offers travel courses and guides available online.


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5. HowStuffWorks: Stuff You Should Know (SYSK)
For the fact fiend. Stuff You Should Know aims to educate listeners about how common things work. Ever wondered how crime scene cleanup works or how silly putty works? SYSK has a variety of topics that will interest even the most inquisitive minds.

6. The Moth
For the culture buff. People from around the world share their stories every Tuesday on The Moth. These captivating storytellers make for exciting “never know what you’re gonna get” episodes. One listen and you’ll catch The Moth bug.

7. American History Tellers
For the history buff. American History Tellers isn’t your typical high school history lesson. Including the Cold War, Gold Rush and more, American History Tellers puts the listener in the shoes of citizens living during momentous times in the U.S.

Whether you’re commuting by train, plane or automobile, these top podcasts will make your ride much more enjoyable. To download any of these podcasts, head to Apple Podcasts, Google Play store, or wherever you get your podcasts on your smartphone or tablet.

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