Happy Accidents: Car Crashes with Unexpected Silver Linings

Auto accidents are never fun for anyone. But sometimes, even the most major bumps in the road have a bright side. From the couple who hit it off smashingly, to the job interview that turned into an epic rescue mission, here are three times car crashes had surprisingly upbeat endings.

1. First they got towed. Then they got hitched.

Sometimes love hits you out of nowhere. In this case, it happened literally—on the road, in New Jersey, in the dead of winter. Jennifer Lind was driving in December when she hit a patch of black ice, causing her vehicle to spin out and crash into a safety rail. Nicholas Angelus was driving behind her, and was unable to avoid colliding with Lind’s car. After the accident, Angelus came to Lind’s aid, even offering her his coat to keep warm.

Responders said Lind was lucky to survive. But what happened next may have been even more unexpected. Jennifer received a call from Nicholas after the incident. At first she worried he was planning to sue her, but it turns out the crash had turned into a crush, and Nicholas asked her on a date. The two went out, fell in love, and eventually tied the knot. Talk about two hearts colliding!

2. On a high note—healing through harmony

You know how the old saying goes...when life gives you lemons, invent an entirely new genre of music. Or, something like that. Famed English musician and composer Brian Eno has made his mark on the music world with work spanning four decades, including collaborations with artists like David Bowie and Coldplay. But the story behind one of his most significant contributions to sonic history has a few twists and turns.

Eno was involved in a serious auto accident back in 1975, when a taxi hit him on his walk home from the recording studio. While recovering from his injuries, he received a visit from a friend. On her way out, she offered to put on a record for her ailing pal. The album featured 18th century harp music. As he listened, Eno noticed how the subtle notes of the harp blended with the gentle pelting of rain outside, creating a soft landscape of sound.

The inspiration for ambient music was born, and Brian ultimately made a career out of the unique genre. So next time you pick out an ambient track, think of the musical mind that made the best of an automotive mishap.

3. A bystander becomes a big hero

This story involves a job interview, a dress shirt, and a dollar seventy-five. Aaron Tucker from Bridgeport, Connecticut was riding the bus to a job interview when he witnessed a car smash into a tree and flip over. Tucker immediately hopped off the bus to assist, despite the driver’s warning that he’d be left behind.

Tucker bravely pulled the injured man trapped inside the car to safety, just as the smoking vehicle began to catch fire. Three workers from an auto shop nearby helped douse the flames and stabilize the victim, and Tucker used his dress shirt as a bandage for the man’s bleeding head.

Aaron had been living in a halfway house after recently being released from prison, and the dress shirt was one loaned to him for his interview. Desperately needing the job, he left the house that day with just $1.75 in his pocket. As news of the rescue—and Tucker’s story—spread, the public responded by raising nearly $66,000 for him on GoFundMe, as well as helping him land a job at a local restaurant. Talk about good karma.

Sometimes amazing opportunities are born from unfortunate situations. No matter what drawbacks life brings, stay safe, keep your head up, and always look for that silver lining.

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