9 Family Friendly New Year's Eve Activities

9 Family-Friendly New Year's Eve Activities

New Year's Eve is a time for the entire family to come together to celebrate. Check out these kid-friendly New Year's Eve activities that your entire family can enjoy together.

New Year's Eve Party Games

To kick off your New Year's Eve festivities, check out these kid-friendly party games that are guaranteed to get the fun started. From karaoke to guessing each other's resolutions, these activities are designed for guests of all ages.

Mock Countdown to Midnight

Are your kids too young to stay up until midnight? Not a problem! Have a mock countdown by changing the clocks to strike 12 earlier in the evening, and hand out confetti, noise makers and party hats to help the kids ring in the new year and still get to bed on time.

Balloon Drop

Purchase a balloon drop kit online or create your own by filling a tablecloth or some netting with inflated balloons. Tape your balloon net to the ceiling and release it at the end of the midnight countdown.


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Balloon Wishes

Have each child write their resolution or wishes for the new year on a strip of paper and place it inside a balloon. Then, fill the balloons with helium, tie them with a ribbon, and have the kids release them into the air at the stroke of midnight.

Midnight Snack Bags

Make New Year's Eve special by having each child make their own snack bag to open up and enjoy at midnight. Have them decorate brown paper bags and fill them with their favorite treats.

Slumber Party

Host a New Year's Eve slumber party complete with a pillow fort, sleeping bags and flashlights. The fort is a perfect place to play some of those New Year's Eve games, and you can have other fun activities like playing dress up and reading stories.

Looking Back and Thinking Ahead

Spend some time as a family looking through old photo albums, remembering favorite vacations and toys, and watching family videos. Next, talk about each family member's hopes and goals for the new year.

Mocktail Toast

Kids can be part of the New Year's Eve toast too! Just substitute the champagne for a more kid-friendly option like hot cocoa, fruit punch, sparkling grape juice or ginger ale – and be sure to use the fancy cups!

Hat Throw

Have your kids make and decorate their own over-the-top New Year's Eve party hats using feathers, glitter, ribbons, sequins, colorful tissue, and anything else you can think of. At the end of the midnight countdown, throw your party hats into the air as you shout "Happy New Year!"

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