Get to know a Safelite home office associate: Meet Sarah


Each month, we highlight associates in a variety of roles who go above and beyond to provide our customers with the service excellence they should expect and deserve. Meet Sarah, one of our associates who makes a difference every day.

Name: Sarah C.

Job Title, City and State: Graphic Designer, Columbus, OH

Number of Years at Safelite: 3.5 years*

What motivated you to apply with Safelite? “Our corporate office was down the street from where I live, so the location was perfect for me. I also had friends who worked in the call center in high school, and they really liked it here.”

What’s the best thing about your role day to day? “Every day is different and I get to work in a job I am really passionate about. I’m not only passionate about designing now – after working at Safelite, I’ve become passionate about the auto glass business, and my role working with the great people on my team.”

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had at Safelite? “Receiving a Wall of Fame Award at Safelite was a very memorable experience. I was very honored to be given such a prestigious award. It made me feel good to know my hard work was noticed and appreciated.”


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Outside of work, what are you passionate about? “I’m really passionate about tennis. Right now I play at least three times a week. I captain two tennis teams, one in the summer and one in the fall-spring.” I’m also passionate about kayaking this summer. I finally invested in my own kayak, and my fiancé and I really enjoy exploring new areas in central Ohio on the water.”

Just for fun: What song/artist would get you energized to start the day? “I’m a big fan of Ed Sheeran. I listen to him almost daily.”

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