Leaves, Sun Glare and More: Fall Driving Tips

Autumn Scenic Driving Route

Now that we’ve transitioned into fall, it’s time for some unpredictable weather. This season can bring warmer temperatures, but by the time we are in the midst of it, leaves are falling, fog makes your morning commute a challenge and sometimes we even experience snow, sleet, and frost weather. With all that unpredictability, plus extra traffic from back to school, staying safe on the roads can be daunting. We’re sharing some great fall driving tips that may be a little unexpected.

Back to school season

With students returning to class, you’ll likely see increased traffic in neighborhoods and nearby schools. Make sure you’re obeying all traffic laws and yielding to pedestrians. When driving around schools or highly populated areas, make sure to drive slowly and cautiously, looking around for anyone who might run into the street.

Less daylight

Thanks to losing an hour of daylight, it’s common for children and adults to be outside during dusk. Stay alert when driving during the dusk hours and maintain the posted speed limits. If you’re taking an evening stroll, wear reflective gear and carry a flashlight in case you’re still outside when it gets dark. 

Prepare for winter

Fall is a beautiful time of year, but there’s always a chance for unpredictable weather as we transition into the cooler months. As the weather changes, you might have questions like “can heavy rain damage a car?” and “ how do I get sleet off my windshield?” Heavy rain and sleet weather can make it more difficult to see through your windshield, and can affect road conditions. When driving on wet roads, be extra cautious, avoid big puddles and drive slowly.

Now is a great time to perform routine maintenance tasks on your car to get it ready for the winter, such as:

Clean your car

Keeping a clean car isn’t a safety tip just for fall, but it can be extra helpful this time of year, as the sun can cause a significant glare. For better visibility, make sure your windshield is clear of streaks and dirt. A clean windshield is one that can keep you safe!


If you’re looking for additional fall driving tips, including how to stay safe from deer and fog, we’ve got plenty more here. 

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