How do you know when to change wiper blades?


Because of constant exposure to the elements and other road debris, there’s one part of your car’s safety system that may need replaced a couple times each year. We recommend drivers replace windshield wipers every 6,000 miles or six months. Sunshine, moisture, extreme temperatures and more can all take a toll on your car’s wiper blades.

Our graphic showcases some of the signs of wiper blade wear and tear that can indicate you need to replace your blades. Inspect your wipers periodically to look for any signs of splitting, skipping, wearing or streaking. To get a closer look at the condition of the rubber, lift each wiper arm up from the glass. If the wipers aren’t effectively clearing your windshield, but are visibly in good condition, try first cleaning them. Use glass cleaner and a cleaning rag to remove any debris by wiping the blades and cleaning the windshield.

If signs point to replacement, Safelite AutoGlass sells two wiper blade styles: an advanced beam blade and a standard blade.

Splitting, skipping, wearing and streaking are all signs of wiper blade wear and tear. When you need new blades, protect your auto glass with Safelite wiper blades and glass cleaner.


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