Winter Windshield Tips


During the winter, drivers all around have trouble with their cars and the snow. One thing we can all agree on is the annoyance of when our windshield is iced over from the night before. We have a few tips to share for how to de-ice your windshield without causing any cracks to the glass.

  • Start your engines: Starting your car beforehand can save you a lot of time. If you do not have the luxury of owning a car starter, manually start your car and turn temp settings to “defrost”. Make sure to have them on midway, as the drastic change in temperature from full blast can cause small chips to crack even further. While you are getting ready for your day your car will be warming up while the defrosters are taking care of softening the ice.
  • Scrapers: Make sure you have a couple of different scrapers at your disposal. Usually in the trunk or back seat of your car for easy access. One can be specifically for snow, brushes, while the other can be for ice. Make sure the scraper designated for ice and is made from plastic to keep from scratching your glass.
  • Solutions: Although we advise to not use hot water, as this cracks the glass, there are a couple of solutions you can make on your own to get rid of ice. One is a saltwater solution, the salt will prevent the water you use to refreeze the windshield while melting the existing ice at the same time. Spray lightly because too much salt can damage the glass. The second solution option is alcohol based. The chemicals in the rubbing alcohol act the same as salt and melt the ice. This solution will not cause glass damage so you can use it generously.
  • Wipers: Make sure you change your wipers before winter weather arrives. Having dull or old wipers can not only make it difficult to clear your windshield from snow and ice; dull wipers can also damage your windshield. Safelite offers Advanced Beam wiper blades for purchase on Amazon or add them to any Safelite service – your tech will even put them on for you!

Always be on the cautious side before leaving for your day after a cold night. Make sure that all of the ice has been melted as any remains can obstruct your vision. Remember, safety first!

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