Windshield and Car Window Tinting


One of the most common aftermarket vehicle modifications is to add a tint to the windows and windshield.  On most newer car models, the windows will already have a level of tint applied at the factory, but it is possible to have additional film added to darken the windows further.

While it definitely looks cool to have dark tinted windows, some wonder why people choose to have them, and what it means when you need to get a window replaced.

The most common reasons to add a tint to your car windows are:

  • Reduce heat levels
  • Visibility in direct sunlight
  • Aesthetic reasons

Reduce heat

Even low levels of window tint can reduce the heat in your car up to 70%, which can be a big deal if you live in warm climate. A windshield can crack as a result of the drastic temperature difference created by blasting the AC in the summer against a hot windshield, so keeping the inside of your car cooler can help prevent this.  Not only does this make your car more comfortable, but if you have leather seats, it can extend the life and quality of the interior by protecting it from direct UV ways.


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Visibility in direct sunlight

With tinted windows, direct sunlight is less disruptive to your driving.  Some windshields have a layer of dark tint along the top of the windshield called a “shade band” to reduce glare from the sun, but this dark tint cannot extend below a certain point on the windshield.

A common question about window tints is whether or not a particular level of tint is legal.  The answer has to do with which state you are in, and the level of light your tint allows through the glass.  Tints are designated by the level of light allowed to pass through the glass, so a 90% film allows 90% of the light to pass through the window.  Most states do not allow civilian car side windows to have a tint level lower than 70%, but some states, such as Colorado and New Hampshire, do not allow any level of window tint.

Windshields are an even trickier issue.  Most states do not allow a front windshield to be tinted darker than 6%.  If you are concerned that your vehicle’s tints might be lower than the state law allows, it’s best to have your vehicle inspected, as they have the proper tools to measure the exact level of tint in your window.

Aesthetic reasons

Of course, another reason to get tinted windows is to add to the aesthetics of the vehicle.  Oftentimes a classic car or sports car benefits from having darker windows that bring out its ferocity.

Getting your tinted windshield replaced at Safelite

When it comes to getting a tinted windshield replaced, Safelite unfortunately does not offer tinting services at this time.  However, we still offer the same great replacement service even to get you back on the road with a new windshield in an hour and a half.

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