Broken Car Window — Now What?


Whether you’re running errands or driving to work, you expect your car to be fully intact when you go to drive it. Leaving your house and finding one of your car windows smashed in can cause panic, then anger, then confusion. We at Safelite can’t take away the panic and the anger, but we can help you avoid confusion by providing the following list of steps to take in the event of a broken window.

1. Call your insurance company, and file a police report

If your broken window is the result of criminal activity, leave everything undisturbed until you call your insurance company and file a police report. Depending on the situation, the police and/or the insurance company might ask you to provide the details over the phone, or they might want to come to the scene in person to write up their report. Leaving everything as you found it allows the professionals to fully assess the situation. If they ask you to describe the damage over the phone, do so and then take several pictures so you have a visual record on hand.

2. Clean up the glass

Next, grab a vacuum and clear away as much glass as possible, making sure to keep pets and children away from the debris. The technician who replaces your window will also vacuum your car afterward, so you don’t need to be super thorough. Be sure to empty the glass from the vacuum before putting it away.

3. Cover the window

Now it’s time to secure the window to keep out rain, snow or small animals. You could use clear packing or duct tape and a trash bag or piece of heavy plastic tarp. If you’re concerned about the tape damaging your car’s paint finish, you can find safe options at any auto supply store.

4. Schedule with Safelite

Once you’ve notified your insurance company and, if necessary, the police; cleaned up the glass and covered the window, schedule your replacement appointment. Our expert technicians will have you back on the road in no time!


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