Top 10 Most Romantic Places to “Park” this Valentine’s Day

Kissing in cars is a pastime as American as baseball, apple pie and dressing dogs in sweaters. So in honor of V-Day, we’ve compiled a list of unique places to share an in-car smooch with your sweetie.

These romantic road trip destinations are located all across America, because Cupid’s arrow can strike anywhere. Buckle up...and let the love fest begin.

Pro tip: Always make sure your ride is firmly in the park position. The goal here is to peck, not to wreck.

10. Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas
Share the love...deep in the heart of Texas. This sightseers’ dream features 10 Cadillacs buried hood down in a field off of Interstate 40. You can even declare your undying love by spray-painting your honey’s initials on the cars themselves. Talk about a roadside attraction.

9. Lassen Volcanic National Park, Northern California
If you’re looking to heat things up, here’s a smokin’ suggestion. Lassen Volcanic National Park features four types of volcanoes—creating quite the steamy setting. And it’s vehicle friendly, ideal for enjoying a scenic drive with your steady.

8. Snake Alley, Burlington, Iowa
Known as the “Crookedest Street in the World,” Snake Alley is as curvy as Cupid’s bow. Why not roll in with your cutie and canoodle on this storied street? After all, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate Valentine’s than a kiss...with a twist.

7. Rainbow Row, Charleston, South Carolina
This colorful thoroughfare in Charleston is rife with Southern charm. All the classic 18th-century homes are painted in vibrant pastel colors. You may even catch a glimpse of them, if you’re one of those open-eyed kissers.  

6. West Wind Drive-In, Sparks, Nevada
Make some sparks Sparks! It doesn’t get much dreamier than the amorous atmosphere of a drive-in theater, and West Wind is open 365 days a year. Talk about a picture perfect backdrop.

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5. The Sweet Streets of Hershey, Pennsylvania
Home of the iconic candy maker, this delicious destination is sure to make your hearts melt. Take a joyride down Chocolate Avenue, or cruise down Cocoa. Then find the perfect spot to enjoy a Hershey’s kiss. 

4. Between the Lakes, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
Mt. Juliet is known for its natural beauty, much like that other famous Juliet. Known as "The City Between The Lakes," this picturesque place sets the stage for a Shakespearean-level embrace. Oh, and by the way...Romeo, Tennessee is just three and a half hours away.

3. Pali Highway, O’ahu, Hawaii
Aloha! O’ahu’s got it all...sun, sand and stunning scenery. It’s also the site of one of the most romantic scenes in movie history—the passionate liplock in From Here to Eternity. Pali Highway offers plenty of amazing views, so grab a lei and come get your park on.

2. Beartooth Highway, Montana
How ‘bout a big smooch...under the Big Sky? With its northern location and crystal clear air, the stars shine a little brighter here. Visitors have even caught breathtaking views of the Northern Lights. Starry-eyed romantics, this one’s for you.

1. The Hollywood Sign, Hollywood, California
Where better to lock lips than in the shadows of this Tinsel Town icon? The nearby Griffith Observatory offers free parking and a view of this Hollywood landmark. Here’s looking at you, kiss.

With stunning landscapes, intriguing history and plenty of natural treasures, these 10 locations make the ideal backdrops for your February 14th rendezvous. Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers out there.

Note: This article is meant to in cheek. Always pay attention to posted signs, local laws and drive (and park) safely.

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