Keeping your Car Windows Clean During the Summer

Summer is all about road trips, activities, warm weather, and having lots of fun in the sun. But with all that travel, bugs and warm weather, it can be hard to keep your auto glass on your car clean. It’s critical to keep windows clean, to ensure optimal vision and safe driving.

Luckily, it’s easier to keep your windows cleaner than you think, and we all know how great your car looks with perfectly clean glass. So you can easily take a few minutes each week, give your auto glass a quick cleaning and spend more time enjoying the weather!

Clean the Auto Glass

The first step to getting the ultimate clean for your auto glass is selecting the right glass cleaner. Of course, we recommend our Safelite® glass cleaner, a professional grade cleaner, but no matter what you choose, you should make sure it is:

  • Streak-free
  • Ammonia-free
  • Strong and able to cut through dirt
  • A smell that’s pleasant that you like

Once you select your ideal glass cleaner, pop the windshield wipers to move them out of the way and spray the cleaner all over the area. Next, use soft, clean materials to wipe it off. It’s critical to make sure you’re using soft towels like a microfiber cloth, because any type of harsh fabric (like wool) can scratch and damage the glass.


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It’s that easy. When the weather is hot and it’s harder to keep your auto glass free of bugs and dirt, we recommend cleaning your windshields once a week. Keeping your windshields clear and streak-free can mean a safer driving experience for you and your family.

Check and Clean Windshield Wipers

One other important part of keeping your windshield clean is your windshield wipers. Make sure that you’re checking them regularly to ensure they are still performing at their best and don’t have cracked, torn or contaminated rubber. You should also be replacing them every six months to 6,000 miles.

In addition to checking your windshield wipers, you should be cleaning them as well. It’s easy to do, just use a non-abrasive glass cleaner or windshield washer solvent and give them a quick wipe with a soft towel or cotton swab. Your manufacturer may recommend a specific solution, be sure to check your owner’s manual.

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