How to Cleanly Remove Stickers from Your Car Glass


Regardless of your car’s age, there’s a good chance you’re going to find a car window sticker or decal that you like. Unfortunately, there will likely be a time when you want to remove the car window sticker. If the sticker has called your window home for many months or even years, you might find it’s a bit more difficult to remove the sticker than you anticipated. But, don’t fret! We’re here to provide some helpful tips on how to cleanly remove stickers from your car glass.

Try to Peel the Sticker Off, First

Look for a corner on the car window sticker that seems forgiving and peel it off at a diagonal angle. Removing it in this way will ensure the sticker comes off in mostly one piece. If the sticker tears or comes off in small pieces, grab a plastic scraper and get back to peeling.


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After Removing the Sticker, Use Soapy Water

Once you have the sticker off your car glass, some adhesive will probably be stuck to your window. So, grab a bucket and fill it with some soap and warm water. Soak a rag with the soapy water and run it along the adhesive. Once the adhesive is thoroughly wet, grab your trusty plastic scraper and remove as much as you can.

Additional Adhesive Removal Tips

Sticker adhesive can be tricky sometimes, especially if a sticker has been stuck to your car window for years. Try these additional tips if soapy water doesn’t work:

  • Fill a bucket with warm water and liquid fabric softener and try removing the adhesive with this solution instead of warm water and soap.
  • Reach for some professional-grade Safelite AutoGlass® Glass Cleaner and utilize a bit of elbow grease to send that stubborn adhesive packing.
  • If the adhesive is especially sticky, try soaking it with some rubbing alcohol and wipe the adhesive off with a paper towel.  


If you’re itching to remove stickers from your car glass, utilizing the tried and true techniques above are sure to restore your car windows to a more natural state.

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