Green Auto Resolutions


As a new year begins, many people start making resolutions. Whether its hitting the gym or accomplishing a milestone, it's the perfect time to reset and evaluate your goals and lifestyle. At Safelite, we're passionate about the environment and doing our part to protect it, so we're sharing three "green" auto resolutions to kick off 2020.


Sharing rides to school, work and events is an easy and major way to reduce auto emissions, conserve fuel and reduce pollution. In addition to the green reasons, carpooling is also a great way to save money at the pump. So, the next time you’re headed out considering asking a friend or co-worker to hitch a ride together.  

Switch to Hybrid            

If you’re in the market for a car in 2020 consider an electric or hybrid vehicle. These “green” cars emit far less green gasses over their lifetime, making this choice a significant benefit for the environment. According to HowStuffWorks, a hybrid car will emit 51.6 pounds of carbon dioxide ever 100 miles while a conventional car will emit 74.9 pounds of CO2 - which can really add up.

Drive Smarter

Did you know how you drive also impacts your carbon footprint? When you accelerate, you should try to do so slowly and avoid braking quickly when you can. Doing so will improve your fuel efficiency and in turn make your driving more green.

Consider adding these auto resolutions to your goals this year. The environment will thank you!

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