7 Storage Hacks for Your Garage

7 Storage Hacks for Your Garage

Been keeping your car outside all summer? Well, colder weather will be here before you know it and it’s time to declutter your garage and make room for your car, ‘cuz no one actually likes clearing snow from their car.

  1. Make ceiling tracks

    Make use of ceiling space to allow you to free up wall and floor space and store seasonal items such as holiday decorations. If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry, assembly is fairly easy. Find step by step instructions here.

  2. Add corner shelves

    Utilize the corners of your garage for added shelf space to keep products and bottles at an arm’s reach. All you’ll need is plywood, two-by-four’s, and a few screws to create this heavy duty storage option.


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  3. Use PVC pipes

    PVC pipes are perfect for storage rakes, brooms, and basically anything with a skinny handle. Simply cut small pieces of 2-3 inch PVC pipe and use industrial glue to attach to the wall of your garage. The handle of will slip through the middle of the PVC pipe and keep the tool upright.

  4. Add cabinets

    Buy some affordable cabinets, or make your own for extra storage and to keep your garage looking tidy.  

  5. Create a bin index

    Storage bins are great, until you forget what’s inside each bin. Create a bin index by labeling each bin in your garage with a number and making an Excel sheet with the contents located in each numbered bin. Update the index as you add and remove items.

  6. Hang small items with binder clips

    Hang binder clips with nails or screws and use them to hang everyday small items like gloves, towels, etc. This will keep everyday items ready and visible without much work.

  7. Use a shoe organizer                                                                                        Plastic behind-the-door shoe organizers are cheap and simple to hang. They’re great for storing small items and the clear plastic allows you to easily see what you have.

Fall is the perfect time to get organized and these seven tips will definitely help you get started.

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