Better Be-Leaf it: Fall Leaves Can Damage your Car

Leaves are the most notable sign of fall’s arrival: the beautiful orange, red and yellow colors dotting the trees and the fun piles collected for children to jump and play in. But fall leaves can also wreak havoc on your car and the roads, and cause long-term damage.

Leaves are beautiful on their trees, but once they fall on the road, they can make roads dangerous. As they fall, they may cover curbs and potholes and also limit your ability to see road markings. In addition, when they get wet (common with fall weather!), they can make the roads slick. If you were to suddenly stop or slam on your brakes, you run the risk of sliding. When leaves are on the road, be sure to drive slowly (especially in inclement weather), keep plenty of distance between you and other cars and avoid slamming on your brakes.


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Leaf Damage to your Car

Leaves don’t only make the roads a dangerous place, they can actually cause damage to your car. The sap, pollen and acid from leaves can stain and damage the paint finish on your car, especially if the leaves are wet.

In addition, if leaves are left unattended for long, they can actually clog drains and damage your car parts, such as your air filters. Plus, if they start to rot, they can be even more difficult to remove and remedy. If that’s not an argument for clearing the leaves off your car often, we don’t know what is! The best way to avoid leaves falling on your car is to parked it in a covered spot. However, we know that’s not always possible. Here’s some other tips to avoid leaf damage to your car:

  • Don’t park under trees – or, if possible, park only under trees that have lost the majority of their leaves.
  • Remove leaves often – if you are concerned that significant leaves may fall on your car, try removing them each day. Using your hands can limit the amount of scratches they may cause, but if you aren’t concerned, you can use a broom to sweep them off.
  • Consider a car cover – this is especially helpful if you leave your car in the same place for long periods of time. A car cover can protect against leaf damage but also snow, scratches, ice and more.
  • Wash your car more often during the fall season.
  • Once all the leaves have fallen and winter is on its way, give your car one last deep clean – make sure you wax it and remove all the leaves that may be hiding in small spots, like under the windshield wipers.

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